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AITIS is active in both healthcare diagnostics and healthcare prevention. We aim to save lives and improve the health and  well-being of our society. Our team provides AI products to detect, measure, inform, alert, raise awareness and explainability.

More than 25% of chronic wounds are misdiagnosed.

Our mission is to make leading, explainable and cost-effective wound diagnosis AI technology solutions accessible to everyone.

The Economic Burden

Each country has a significant econonic burden. For example, the UK NHS spends over £6bn per year on wound care and rising. Singapore spends over S$1.1bn per year on wound care.

Patient Impact

  • Impacts also family and work

  • Emotional distress

  • Reduced mobility

  • Social Isolation

  • Likely home/bed-bound


​​​What makes AITIS different?


AI Innovation

Our cutting-edge AI innovation accelerated by the AITIS platform for model creation with explainable AI and client-deployment.


Clinical Trials

We have completed 2-year hospital wound clinical trials, are published in the IWJ and starting new predictive clinical trials this year.



We provide scalable, efficient, cost-effective AI solutions and can offer volume- and value-based or other pricing to suit our client needs.

Our Wound App


Welsh wound innovation

Our Credentials

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 10.26.40.png

AITIS was 2nd runner up out of 80 teams that participated in the SG Healthcare Datathon 2021.


AITIS was amongst the 9 winners in the Welsh Precision Medicine Challenge in July 2022.

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